Hey Developers, listen, we’re here to help

As technology improves significantly day by day, there’s always a risk that our job will be replaced by AI(Artificial Intelligence) one day. And not to be surprised, including the developers themselves.

Ever since the launch of pxCode, we have been receiving mostly positive feedback, praising that we saved their time and cost on developing. But at the same time, negative and harsh feedbacks are also inevitable. We understand that. While improving our tool, we also went through the negative comments and think of why it happens. In conclusion, asides from our tool, users' mental also play an important role. We notice that most of the negative words are coming from the lack of acceptance and the refusal on trying new things.

▍But firstly, what is pxCode?

Here’s the interface of pxCode, from Pixels to Code.

From the negative feedback, There are two main reasons of why the developers couldn’t get used to the new way of Web Building.

▍One, Time cost on learning.

Because of the new way of developing, it changed the habits of the developing process. Getting used to a new tool required plenty of time to learn, which most of them are not willing to do. Another reason is that when a tool is not widely used, most people won’t be spending time on it.

An average time spent of building a Responsive Webpage. (From Design File)

▍Second, Insecurity on losing the job?

Developers are afraid to be replaced. Just like the statement I mentioned before, more jobs are able to be replaced by AI. Worst scenario, if building a Responsive Webpage doesn’t require any Hand-Coding, and can be done with anyone without related background and skill, where should the Developers go? Will they lose their job?

So here we are, dear developers, telling you that pxCode is not going to replace you, instead, we are trying to help. Yes, please give us some rooms to explain in the following sentences.

Negative comment we received onFacebook

But the question is, How do we help?

1. Save your developing time (10x Faster)

“No more Measurement with Handoff tools
No more Hand-Coding and CodeGen
Complete Control your Layout and Code
Code is Ready for Integration”

These are the slogans on pxCode’s website. As you can see, what we provide is a No Code Developing Tool. From importing your Design File, with some simple editing on the design layout, you can end up with a Responsive Webpage in a very short time, and that is why we are 10x Faster.

But our tool is not completely automatic, becasue every design file is different, therefore, as a developer and user of pxCode, you are required to decide the suitable layout pattern for the design, which you hold the complete control on your edit, while still can make it in a fast way.

Tutorial: How to turn your design into Responsive Webpage in 10 mins

2. Flexibilities on Editing Stage

In pxCode’s editing canvas, you can see all the editing buttons in one Webpage, which helps you to clearly preview the results of your design file instantly.

pxCode currently supports various types of Frameworks, including Bootstrap, CSS Flex, Media Query. We also designed different [shortcut key] for you to speed up your editing process, you can check out some shortcuts here.

Shortcut to speed up your workflow, [ctrl+F] to suggest your nest step.

3. Instantly Preview your result

After your editing is done, you can use Resizer in pxCode to instantly stretch your design on the canvas, to preview how it responds without wasting time shifting between different tabs.

While you are finished, you can click on the [Preview] button on the top-right menu bar. It will open up a new tab and you can preview your editing result.

In fact, you can even copy the URL link, send it to your customer or team member to preview as well. And with the QR Code on the bottom-left corner, you can scan and preview it on other different devices, especially on mobile devices. These functions save you plenty of unnecessary steps and times, speeding up your editing process in a more accurate and efficient way.

Preview: copy link or QR Code to share

Besides all these, pxCode is still trying to develop more features that can help developers to save time while improving their editing process. Due to the length of the article, will be sharing some other exclusive and essential features in other articles.

It’s not even a year since pxCode was developed, but we believe if we keep listening and improving, there’s always a need of a No Code Online Editor in the future.

▍While the earth keeps spinning faster and faster, there’s always a medium that helps humans moves faster, that is the reason why pxCode exists.

In the meantime, Figma support on pxCode is coming soon. Drop us your email for the beta in the near future, we’ll be updating the latest updates exclusively for early birds. 🦜


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Email: hello@pxcode.io

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